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7 Cookies Crumbling

Danish Pepper Nuts are a welcome gift during the holiday season

With less than seven weeks left before Christmas, 'tis the season to begin baking and freezing at least seven types of the special Scandinavian cookies, tarts, and small cakes that lend a special cheer to holiday gatherings.

Scandinavian Food Spotlight10

Swedish Wolf's Paw Cocktail

How to make the signature drink of Icebar Stockholm.

Festive Nordic Beverages

A list of "special occasion" beverages from Scandinavia

Northern Lights (a.k.a. Greenlandic) Coffee

a recipe for Northern Lights Coffee ... a.k.a. Greenlandic Coffee

2012 Scandinavian Food Highlights

A list of favorite new recipes introduced in 2012

Swedish Christmas Beer - Julmumma

Swedish "Julmumma," Christmas beer, is an interesting combination of light and dark beers, lemonade, a spirit like gin or madeira (for its characteristic "kick"), and lemonade. Don't skimp on the cardamom, which adds just enough spice.

7 Festive Cakes

7 impressive cakes to grace your Christmas holiday table

Lemon-Cardamom Cookies

An easy lemon-cardamom cookie recipe for use with a Nordic-themed cookie stamp

Scandinavian Cookie Stamps

A definition of Scandinavian Cookie Stamps

Knck: Swedish Christmas Toffee

How to make Knack: Swedish Christmas Toffee

Autumn Nordic Side Dishes

Looking for something other than green bean casserole to serve with Thanksgiving Dinner?

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