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Grilled Icelandic Lamb Kebobs

Monday January 31, 2011
Want to get in touch with your inner Viking but aren't quite up to sampling Thorrablot's putrified shark or ram's testicles? Then celebrate Thorrablot with a meal that would've convinced ... Read More

Bread for Thorrablot

Sunday January 23, 2011
On the first Friday after January 19th, Icelanders gather to celebrate the Nordic feast of Thorrablot (Ţorrablót), enjoying traditional smoked and preserved foods washed down with generous amounts of brennivin ... Read More

Cardamom Waffles

Friday January 14, 2011
Got snow? These beautiful Cardamom Waffles are a great way to begin a lazy snow day morning or, even better, to have ready with hot chocolate as a post-sledding snack. ... Read More

Dilled Meatballs

Monday January 3, 2011
If Scandinavia could be said to have a national herb, it would be dill. One of the few typical seasonings that can be produced locally, it is to Scandinavian cooking ... Read More

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