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Swedish Kallada - Cabbage Casserole with Ham

Wednesday June 22, 2011
There are times when I amaze even myself. I've been on a serious campaign this summer to convert the world (or at least my husband and kids) to a Nordic-style whole ... Read More

Midsummer's Eve Bonfire Trout

Monday June 20, 2011
Have bonfire? Cook trout! All week long, Scandinavians will be celebrating the summer solstice, Midsummer's Eve, with bonfires and much merry-making - a tradition that goes back centuries. It's a great occasion ... Read More

Barley Pilaf

Sunday June 19, 2011
Barley (in Swedish, korn) was the first cereal to be cultivated in Scandinavia's short growing season, and it is still a key ingredient of rustic breads and porridges. When roasted ... Read More

Spelt Bread with Bananas and Dates

Tuesday June 7, 2011
Spelt flour, a staple ingredient in the new Nordic cuisine now being embraced across Scandinavia, serves as a healthy base for spelt bread with bananas and dates. Applesauce and Icelandic ... Read More

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