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Nothing complements a Scandinavian open-faced sandwich or a main course as much as an ice-cold glass of Aquavit or a chilled beer! Here are some great everyday and holiday beverage recipes, some with alcohol and some without, to enliven your next gathering.

Scandinavian Christmas Glogg
Glogg, a potent mixture of wine and either brandy or aquavit flavored with dried fruits and spices, is a traditional part of a Scandinavian Christmas.

Lingonsaft – Lingonberry Juice
Rich in antioxidants, lingonberry juice can be easily made from both frozen and fresh berries.

Finnish Spring Mead (Sima)
Finnish Spring Mead, Sima, is a lightly fermented lemonade typically enjoyed during May Day celebrations.

Egg Coffee
Egg coffee, long a tradition among Scandinavian-American Lutheran congregations of the Midwest, is a light, clear brew that's free of the bitterness and acidity of coffee prepared by more modern methods.

How to Infuse Homemade "Mock" Aquavit
While Scandinavia's famed distilled spirit, Aquavit, can sometimes be found in specialty liquor stores, one can blend lovely "mock" versions to one's own taste. Here's how.

How to Make Glögg
Comfort levels rise quicker than the wind chill when you serve this popular Scandinavian winter drink.

Danish Coffee
Coffee with a kick. Simmer this potent brew over low heat in a slow cooker while you're out cross-country or downhill skiing. 100% guaranteed to break the ice.

Mulled Wine
What do you get when you mix wine and brandy? Very, very merry! A mulled wine recipe that will lend cheer to any Yuletide celebration.

How to Make Scandinavia's Cardamom Extract
How to make cardamom extract for use in Scandinavian baking

Nancy Petersen's Christmas Snaps
Recipe for Christmas Snaps reprinted from Anne Gillespie Lewis' "Ingebretsen's Saga"

Skål Ya'll Fruit Tea
Fruit tea isn't just a Nashville 'thang ...

Celebrate the Return of the Sun with Caraway Coffee
A recipe for caraway coffee, enjoyed by Icelanders the day the sun returns over the fjords

IKEA's Tea with Rhubarb and Vanilla
A review of IKEA's "Ekologiskt" Tea with Rhubarb and Vanilla

Northern Lights (a.k.a. Greenlandic) Coffee
a recipe for Northern Lights Coffee ... a.k.a. Greenlandic Coffee

Festive Nordic Beverages
A list of "special occasion" beverages from Scandinavia

Swedish Wolf's Paw Cocktail
How to make the signature drink of Icebar Stockholm.

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