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Breads, Cereals & Dumplings

Enjoy the hearty textures and full flavors of the rye, wheat, and whole grain breads of Scandinavia. Flatbreads and crispbreads ... yeasted and unleavened breads ... sweet and spicy and sour breads--all contribute to the abundance of the Scandinavian table.
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Favorite Nordic Spelt Recipes
A list of healthy and nutritious uses for spelt berries and spelt flour

Kalles Caviar on Rye Crispbread - A Scandinavian Open-faced Sandwich
The many varieties of Kalles kaviar - creamed caviar spread that comes in tubes - pair well with hard-boiled eggs and fresh cucumbers to make superlative open-faced sandwiches.

Seafood Smorgastarta
Shrimp and Smoked Salmon spreads contribute to the layers of this Swedish seafood smorgastarta.

Omi Margrit's Vegetarian Smorgastarta
Swedish smorgastarta receives an international flair in this unique vegetarian smorgastarta recipe.

Julie Ingebretsen's Norwegian Burritos
Recipe for Norwegian Burritos reprinted from Anne Gillespie Lewis' "Ingebretsen's Saga"

Top Nordic Rye Recipes
A list of popular Nordic recipes using rye flour.

Bornholm Rye Porridge
Warm up on a chilly morning with this rustic rye porridge from the island of Bornholm, in Denmark.

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