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Cookie Recipes

Norwegian Berlinerkranser Cookies
A recipe for Norwegian Berlinerkranser

Stenhammar Cookies
A fusion version of Swedish Stenhammar cookies

Basic Scandinavian Rosette Cookies - A Basic Recipe for Scandinavian Rosettes
Far more delicate and less sweet than heavy American funnel cakes, Scandinavian rosette cookies are a justifiable indulgence no matter what the season.

Mormor's Apple Stars
Mormor's Apple Stars are a wonderful way to recognize the achievements of others.

Dream Squares
Whether made with dates or coconut, these dream square cookies are divine.

Fattigman – Poor Man Cookies
Fattigman, or Poor Man Cookies, are popular in Norwegian and Swedish households. They are quickly fried to a delicate crispness and sprinkled with vanilla sugar or confectioner's sugar before serving.

Pebernodder - Danish Pepper Nuts
Danish Pepper Nuts are a Christmas favorite, often presented in intricately woven paper baskets.

Norwegian Goro – Cardamom Crackers
Crispy Norwegian Goro, or Cardamom Crackers, are a cross between a cookie, a cracker, and a waffle, baked on a special goro iron.

Fruit Soup Floaters
Cookie floaters lend an extra sparkle to Scandinavian fruit soups and compotes.

Magga's Tebollur - Icelandic Tea Buns
Icelandic tebollur, tea buns, are a scrumptious cross between a cookie and a muffin - a perfect mid-afternoon "pick-me-up."

Mormor's Syltkakor – Grandmother Johnson's Jelly Cookies
Every Swedish-American grandmother has her own version of these traditional, sandwich-style jelly cookies.

Serinakaker – Norwegian Butter Cookies
A classic Norwegian recipe for Serinakaker, Butter Cookies.

Hindbaer Snitter – Danish Raspberry Bars
Hindbaer Snitter, Danish raspberry bars, are a popular selection in Denmark's wonderful bakeries.

Basic Krumkake Recipe
Norwegian Krumkake Cookies - A Recipe for Krumkake Cookies from Norway

Basic Sandbakkelser Recipe
An easy recipe for buttery yet pliable cookie dough to be used in making Sandbakkelser.

Cocoa Balls (Chockladbullar)
Filled with oats and rolled in coconut or pearl sugar, these no-bake cookies are a breeze to make. Enlist a child’s help, say you’re making “mud balls,” substitute orange juice for the coffee … and make a special memory.

Norwegian Fortune Cookies - How to Make Fortune Cookies, the …
How Norwegians make fortune cookies (with a krumkake iron, of course!)

Rye Ginger Cookies
A recipe for Finnish-style rye cookies with ginger.

A Traditional Scandinavian Recipe for Spritz Cookies
A proven recipe for a traditional Scandinavian Christmas favorite, Spritz cookies.

Dairy-Free Sand Tart Sugar Cookies
A dairy-free recipe for Scandinavian sugar cookies

Grandma Johnson's Ginger Cookies
A Swedish ginger cookie recipe, handed down through four generations

Lemon-Cardamom Cookies
An easy lemon-cardamom cookie recipe for use with a Nordic-themed cookie stamp

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