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Holidays & Celebrations

Looking for an excuse to throw a party? Brew some coffee, stock up on Aquavit, and make one of the following festive occasions a regular tradition in your household!
  1. A Scandinavian Christmas (8)
  2. Danish Celebrations (1)
  3. Finnish Celebrations (1)
  4. Icelandic Celebrations (2)
  5. Lent & Easter Traditions (1)
  6. Midsummer's Eve (1)
  7. Norwegian Celebrations (1)
  8. Swedish Celebrations (3)

A Scandinavian May Picnic
Walpurgis Night (April 30th) and May Day mark the official beginning of picnic season in Scandinavia, when people build bonfires to ward off the lingering chill of Winter (and traditionally, to frighten away evil spirits) and celebrate the lengthening of daylight hours with bountiful picnic hampers filled with foods including gravlax, fritters (in Finland), and vegetable salads.

A Summer Smörgåsbord
In Norway and Denmark, the generous buffet table commonly known as a “smorgasbord” (a Swedish term) is called a koldtbord, a “cold table.” While traditional smorgasbords, typically reserved for Christmas and other holidays, contain a course of hot dishes such as meatballs or casseroles, in summer it makes sense (and is far less work!) to offer a wide selection of easily prepared…

Nordic New Year's Nibbles
Nordic nibbles to serve on New Year's Eve

Breakfast for Dinner
A list of great "Breakfast for Dinner" recipes, Scandinavian-style

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