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Introduction to Scandinavian Food

Välkommen! Discover the rich traditional recipes and exciting new fusion cuisines from the northern lands of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. As satisfying to prepare as to eat, Scandinavian food warms both the body and the soul.
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The Scandinavian Coffee Table
A happy medium between elaborate smörgåsbord entertaining and the daily Swedish ritual of fika, Scandinavian Coffee Tables set the stage for truly memorable celebrations of special events.

Favorite Fika Foods
Start a new tradition by adopting the daily Swedish ritual of inviting a friend or colleague to fika, "to have coffee." Even if you can't leave your office for as long as the Swedes might, it's rewarding to bake fika treats over the weekend to take in to work with you and share around during breaks!

Specialty Scandinavian Baking Tools
Although most Scandinavian dishes do not require specialty equipment, these baking tools will allow you to easily make the unique and stunningly attractive cakes, cookies, and pastries that are the pride of the Scandinavian baker.

Your Most-Viewed Scandinavian Recipes, 2011
The most-viewed Scandinavian recipes for 2011

10 Top "Cupboard Cookery" Recipes
A list of 10 easy recipes using what most of us have on hand

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