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Key Spices and Ingredients for Scandinavian Cooking

Although the standard repertoire of spices and ingredients used in Scandinavian foods is rapidly expanding as brilliant chefs like Marcus Samuelsson pioneer the exciting potential of modern Scandinavian fusion cuisine, there are several traditional spices and ingredients which still hold pride of place in the recipes used by professional and home cooks alike. Here are definitions and descriptions of some of the most common.

Great Online Suppliers of Scandinavian Foods and Ingredients
You don't have to live in Minnesota or the Pacific Northwest to have easy access to Scandinavian foods and ingredients. Here are a few of the leading providers of the specialty baking ingredients, imported seafood, cheeses, and baked goods that will make your next smörgåsbord both authentic and delicious

Online Sources for Herbs and Spices
Are you having trouble finding key Scandinavian spices and herbs like cardamom, caraway, dill seeds, ground saffron, or white peppercorns at your local market? Explore a few of these great online sources!

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