fika breaks, formal coffee parties, and holiday smörgåsbord tables.">
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Pastries & Desserts

Desserts are not typically served at the end of daily dinners in Scandinavia. Consequently, pastries, cakes, cookies, coffee breads, and special puddings are truly regarded as "treats," to be savored with friends as an essential part of casual fika breaks, formal coffee parties, and holiday smörgåsbord tables.
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Best Scandinavian Pancakes
Scandinavians enjoy pancakes at any time of day, at any time of year. Commonly served as a dinner or dessert item rather than simply for breakfast, as in the United States, these pancakes are great to make when you need a satisfying bite in the evening but have only staples like flour, eggs, potatoes, or rice on hand.

Savory Rye Pie Crust
How to make a rye pie crust, perfect for savory Nordic pies and quiches.

Karelian Pastries (Karjalanpiirakat) with Rice
A recipe for Finland's premier Karelian Pastries (Karjalanpiirakat)

Knäck: Swedish Christmas Toffee
How to make Knack: Swedish Christmas Toffee

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