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A List of Delicious Nordic Pancakes


Scandinavians enjoy pancakes at any time of day, at any time of year. Commonly served as a dinner or dessert item rather than simply for breakfast, as in the United States, these pancakes are great to make when you need a satisfying bite in the evening but have only staples like flour, eggs, potatoes, or rice on hand.

Pannukaku, Finnish Oven-Baked Pancake

The world's fastest pancake
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Pannukaku, Finland's famous oven-baked pancake, is an ideal dish to make when the kids cry out for pancakes but you don't feel like heating up a griddle. Serve this pancake either as a main dish entree or with berries and whipped cream as an easy dessert.

Plattar, Swedish Pancakes

Swedish Dessert Pancakes
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Marketed in U.S. pancake houses as "silver dollar pancakes," these delicate pancakes are made using an inexpensive cast-iron plattar pan. They're commonly served with pea soup in Sweden for an easy, filling Thursday lunch or dinner.

Aebleskiver, Danish Pancake Balls

Danish pancake balls
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Although it takes practice to learn to flip Danish aebleskiver, a cross between a pancake and a donut, the effort is well worth the trouble. "Aebleskiver" literally means "apple slices;" small pieces of the fruit are often inserted in these delectable pastries as they bake.

Raggmunk, Swedish Potato Pancakes

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Traditionally, few foods were wasted during the rigors of Scandinavian winters. Raggmunk, Swedish potato pancakes, are actually best made from stored, mealy potatoes that are dry enough so that the batter will hold together while frying. They're often served with a side of fried bacon or pork and with a sweet helping of lingonberry (chokeberry) preserves.

Rice Porridge Pancakes

Rice porridge pancakes, a favorite in Iceland and Norway
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Creamy leftover rice porridge, lightly flavored with cardamom or cinnamon, provides the base for these rustic pancakes, enjoyed throughout Iceland and Norway.

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