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Sweet Norwegian Brown Cheese

Norwegian "Ski Queen" Gjetost

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Definition: A sweet, dense brown cheese produced either solely from goat's milk (as in Norway's "Ekte" brand), or from a combination of goat's milk and cow's milk. This rich cheese gets its distinctive caramel flavor, brown color, and fudge-like texture from a slow simmering process that gradually caramelizes the milk sugars. The most commonly exported varieties of brunost are Norwegian gjetost (branded as "Ski Queen"), Ekte, and Gudbrandsdalsost.
Pronunciation: "Bruin-ost"
Also Known As: Gjetost (in Norway), Mysuostur (in Iceland), Mesost (in Sweden), and Myseost (in Denmark).
Alternate Spellings: Geitost
Scandinavian brunost, or "brown cheese," is often served thinly sliced on rye toast or crispbread.

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