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Readers Respond: Where to Find Lingonberries and Lingonberry Plants

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Several people have asked me where they can find fresh lingonberries and lingonberry plants. Living in Washington State, I've been able to find the plants in local nurseries like Bellingham's The Garden Spot and frozen berries at Poulsbo's Marina Market. Do you grow lingonberries in your area? If so, please share your favorite local or reliable mail order sources for the plants!

Order lingonberries Online

Freshly frozen lingonberries are available from Northwest Wild Foods online and shipped frozen to your door. Check out http://www.nwwildfoods.com for more info
—Guest wildharvest

Find natural frozen lingonberries

I recently ordered frozen lingonberries online at nwwildfoods.com. they ship the berries to your door frozen. the berries are great with no additives, no sugar.
—Guest Liz Ortega

find bushes

does anyone know of any nursery stock companies that sell lingonberry bushes like gurney's ect can't find them in central new york
—Guest jim ramish


where can i purchase linonberries in the roseville,ca area
—Guest mary ann lupi

Find lingonberries

We sell frozen lingonberries and a variety of preserves and syrups. Please visit us at www.scandinavianbutik.com we will be happy to ship.
—Guest Doris


where to find lingonberries in Richmond ,virginia 23112
—Guest josie hinojosa

Alberta Canada

Where in Alberta, Canada would you find the Lingonberry?
—Guest Jan


Is ther anywhere in Illinois where I can Buy Fresh or frozen Londonberries
—Guest helennad@ix.netcom.com

Where to find Lingonberries?

Norsland Lefse in Rushford, MN offers lingonberries by the bucket and in a variety of preserves. Go to www.norslandlefse.com for an online catalog of lingonberries and many other Scandinavian foods and gifts.
—Guest Valencia Gaddis

Best Lingonberries Ever

Spirit Valley WILD Organic Lingonberries from Glenna Farms http://www.glennafarms.com


Just get on your computer and find an IKEA store...they're all over the world. They carry all kinds of Swedish foods and excellent prices. Plenty of lingon.
—Guest Bettyanne

find Lingonberry

I have purchased Lingonberry products at IKEA stores.
—Guest Jean

Kings Norsk Products

I have frozen fresh lingonberries in stock. You can purchase them stirred with sugar or in bulk unsweetened. Phone 303-422-3394-located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado -suburb of Denver, CO
—Guest Beverly E. king

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