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Readers Respond: How do you like to serve Gjetost?

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From the article: Brunost
People either love or hate gjetost - a creamy, sweet, brown Norwegian cheese prepared largely from goat's milk (some varieties combine about equal parts goat's milk and cow's milk). It's become easier to find the Ski Queen and Ekte brands of gjetost in American grocery stores. Aside from enjoying this marvelous cheese sliced thin on rye crispbread, as the Norwegians do, how do you like to serve gjetost?

Rye all the way!

We like to layer thin slices of it on toasted, lightly buttered rye bread. Served that way, it's a great after-school snack or breakfast!
—Guest RebeccaFranklin

Gjetost sauce on meatballs.

Went to a Norse Christmas potluck years ago. Overheard some 'old timers' saying how they hoped someone brought meatballs with gjetost sauce. There were a few examples. I make meatballs every year for Christmas Eve and after having them this way, I had to find the recipe. Absolutely the best. They were an instant hit and have been making meatballs this way ever since.
—Guest Annie

caramel apples

all cheese tends to be delicious with apples, but this one creates a caramel apple experience, but better.
—Guest tara

Gjetost in Venison/Elk stew

Gjetost is a perfect addition to a rich game casserole/stew!
—Guest Deborah Irvine

Gjetost with fruit bread

Love it sliced and served with butter on my Great-Aunt Ellen Terjeson's Christmas bread... a sweet bready loaf with candied fruits. A holiday tradition in our family.
—Guest Shar

Mamma mia, pasta alla Gjetost!!!!!

Since even in Scandinavia the Italian cooking craze has settled in Gjetost is now served in a meat-spaghetti sauce. The ingredients shown (based on a Norwegian newspaper article) is a mixed marriage between Italy and Norway, it is really very good: Minced beef, butter, leek, tomato paste, fresh tomatoes, Gjetost (Ski Queen), milk, S & P, basil leaves. My Norwegian-Italian nephew loves the recipe, he says it answers all his needs.
—Guest Gian John Banchero

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